Has your card application been rejected? Stop for a moment to think about the reason – is it your poor credit rating or your profile? If that is the case then try the top bad credit cards for rebuilding your credit rating. Find out more about other benefits.

The top Bad Credit Cards can help you to rebuild your credit rating but remember to always pay them off in full so there is no interest! Be especially careful not to apply to too many credit cards at the same time as if you receive a lot of rejection letters in a short period of time then your credit rating will be damaged for years.

In order to avoid being rejected over and over again, it is worth checking out your file first and also to call the lender before applying to find out what customer they are after.

Borrowing new debt on the following cards should be avoided at all costs. However, use them cleverly and they will help you to rebuild your credit rating. How to achieve that? Spend a little every month and pay it off, always stay within the limit and never miss any payments. Moreover, use these cards during 0% periods – usually for six to twelve months.

Aqua Reward

*for those with poor credit history*

Representative APR: 34.9 % variable

Required income: N/A

Cashback: 3% on spending

Max cashback/year: £100

Restrictions: CCJs may be accepted if over 1 year old

With The Aqua Reward card you can easily rebuild your credit rating. However, you must pay it off in full every month to avoid paying massive 34.9% representative APR! The credit limits are fairly low, at between £250 and £1,600. If you want to get the cashback paid you must collect at least £5 worth of cashback.

Capital One Classic Extra

*for those with an OK credit history*

Representative APR: 34.9 % variable

Required income: N/A

Cashback: 0.5% on spending

Max cashback/year: unlimited

Restrictions: CCJs or bankruptcies may be accepted if over 1 year old

The Capital One Classic Extra is another decent card for rebuilding your credit history. However, it is not suitable for any borrowings as it charges an enormous 34.9% interests. So it is even more vital to pay it off in full every month! For all that, the card pays 0.5% cashback on all spending (50p for every £ 100). On the top of that, accepted cardholders will get £5 credited to their account.

Capital One Classic

If you’re searching out a credit score card for bad credit, there are numerous alternatives to select from. The two main styles of playing cards to be had are either a secured credit score card or an unsecured credit score card for awful credit score. Both sorts of cards will let you repair your credit score via supplying you with an possibility to establish an awesome payment history. The expenses and prices associated with each kind of card are very one of a kind, however. In addition, depending on how horrific your credit score is, whether you have got enough income and different non-public information, you may only qualify for one or the opposite.

First permit’s observe the secured credit score card for terrible credit score. A secured credit card requires which you deposit cash with the issuing bank, and the financial institution will trouble a credit card in the equal amount in your use. Secured playing cards are guaranteed to be permitted, because the bank has your deposit money in case you do no longer pay your balance. A secured credit score card for bad credit score operates just like a regular credit card. You obtain a monthly assertion, and you pay your minimum monthly price or the balance in complete every month. You are charged an interest fee, annual fee and possibly different costs for a secured credit score card account.

Be conscious that with a secured credit score card for bad credit, your prices aren’t deducted from the deposit you have with the issuing bank. The financial institution is certainly holding your deposit inside the case which you default to your credit card stability. You need to pay your monthly bills, and owe the financial institution the stability which you have charged at the credit card. You cannot refuse to pay simply because the financial institution is preserving a deposit without in addition adverse your credit.

A second option for getting a credit card for horrific credit is to get an unsecured credit score card. Unsecured credit playing cards are available for horrific credit clients, however, the issuing banks charge high charges to cowl the hazard of extending credit score to a awful credit purchaser. You can anticipate to pay anywhere from $two hundred-$350 or greater in fees which the bank will preserve, you do no longer get that money again. Those prices are in advance costs for obtaining a unsecured credit score card for terrible credit. In some cases, the financial institution will can help you pay the charges over two or greater months.

In addition, unlike secured credit playing cards, when you have horrific credit and apply for an unsecured credit card, it isn’t guaranteed that you will be accredited. You can be grew to become down for an unsecured card, even if you are willing to pay the high prices.

Some of the expenses that you will pay for an unsecured credit score card for terrible credit score are:

Interest price: you’ll pay a high hobby charge as a terrible credit score consumer.

Annual fee: you’ll pay an annual price, which is probably better than other top credit clients pays.

Monthly upkeep costs: you will also pay an amount every month referred to as a “upkeep” price, one top of the hobby charge that you’re already paying.

Application price: you’ll also pay a one time software rate, which can be as a good deal as $a hundred seventy five.

Among both secured and unsecured credit card products, the fees and expenses can vary widely. Be certain to do your research on each card before you observe, and start by means of applying for the cardboard that gives you the nice deal.

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